Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bandai Smart Pet Robot Dog

 Bandai Smart Pet Robot Dog

Congratulations guys, your iPhones
are no longer merely a smartphone
from now on, as they can turn into
robot dogs too… with the assistance
of this new accessory launched by
Japan-based company BANDAI.
Though it’s bit of hard to imagine,
the robot dog can actually do many
things as a real dog does, including
running, jumping, playing games and
so on

Bandai has introduced Smartpet,
a robotic dog that uses your iPhone as
its face and control center, reports The

Controlled via a free app,
Smart-pet will react to your touchscreen
gestures with over 100 facial expressions,
and you can make it do tricks by voice commands or movements in front of the Facetime camera. As the pet gets more emotionally attached to you it’ll learn more reactions, and it can also sing and dance with other dogs via Bluetooth. It’s not all fun and games, though, as Smartpet also functions as an alarm clock and hands-free phone.

The Smartpet will reportedly be released
in Japan on April 24th for around ¥6,500 ($78)
in black and white

 The free Smartpet app essentially gives
the robotic pet a heartbeat, bringing it
to life through your smartphone. Smartpet

reacts to touchscreen gestures as if being
stroked like a real pooch capable of
performing tricks by listening to voice
commands and movements in front of the

In virtual pet fashion,
the Smartpet will learn more reactions,
and gradually becomes more respondent
through trust with its owner.

And like some real dogs,
Smartpet will wake you up.
Only this time with an alarm
clock and handsfree phone rather than dribbling at your feet. Bandai’s Smartpet will be launching on 24th April in Japan for around £49.

A UK release has yet to be made,
but Bandai is hoping for a successful
first year, so who knows, we may yet
see the Smartpet roll out across the globe.
It’ll go well with the Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0
we have on our wishlist

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  1. This is the excellent development of Bandai Japan. Awesome looking and also
    comfortable for hearing songs,watching video and dancing of the robotic dog. I have one of this and got it from PIJ.
    Nice functions and very satisfied to have this.



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