Monday, 16 April 2012

Pakistan's boy introduced own web browser

Pakistani have the talent to prove their self , A boy belongs to Pakistan built his own web browser. The country’s first ever web browser with numerous new options called ‘Xtravo Explorer’ powered by Internet Explorer runs for information and images faster than the world’s all existing such internet tools, including the Internet Explorer of Microsoft, have been built by a Pakistani boy, Sheikh Imran Ahmed in 2008. Sheikh Imran is a resident of Karachi who still awaits the government’s recognition for his remarkable achievement in the field of information technology brightening up Pakistan’s image, despite being a developing country, globally. Having the quality to attract the internet addicts with its beta version, soon after the Xtravo’s release on the website Jawoco.Com:: Innovative Technology, immediately made the global websites like Free Downloads Encyclopedia – Softpedia stir up to lift it and carry out reviews on it.

The global response to this useful and latest web browser is immense, which is on a daily basis downloaded on a large scale tagging good reviews from its users across the world, who reckon it as a user friendly and easy tool. Its users say that although Xtravo Explorer is powered by internet explorer shell engine, it is comparatively better in performance, which offers at present easy options as compared to other such browsers and is faster than the existing ones.

It provides tab browsing, image grabbing and protects the users from unwanted materials and websites flooding the computer screen at a time of internet use- through its strong capability of blocks pop-ups. Thus ensuring a secure browsing environment for users of all ages.

Xtravo has unique features specifically for web designers, such as the document explorer which assists the webmaster to discover the coding of a webpage while browsing on it and works as a scanner to analyse the pieces that make up a website such as images, text, labels and other code snippets.

Xtravo’s system requirements simply include 10 megabytes (MB) of hard disk drive (HDD), 128 of random access memory (RAM), Net Framework 2 (Compulsory) and Windows Operating System.

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