Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Samsung's Transparent OLED Laptop

Samsung's Transparent OLED Laptop

Plastic Electronics reports that Samsung Electronics
will release products using its clear active matrix OLED
 displays within the next 12 months. Samsung displayed
prototypes using the clear AMOLEDs during CES 2010 back
in January. However this is the first indication that the
models on display will actually head to retail any time

As we saw during the show, the laptop sporting Samsung's
clear AMOLED allowed the user to see objects placed behind
the screen while still offering sharp, bright images on
the display. While the actual technology was quite
impressive, the ability to see movement through the
AMOLED screen looked to be somewhat distracting.
Plastic Electronics said that the first device to go
commercial using the tech will be Samsung's IceTouch MP3
player (YP-H1). This device is a portable all-in-one that
plays music, DVDs, tunes in FM radio stations, and more.
The estimated price will be around $328 USD when it finally
hits the market.


While the utility of a see-through laptop probably
isn't that high for the average user, several medical
and industrial industries could greatly augment design
work or frame 3-D models over real life in real-time

Samsung's Transparent OLED Laptop 

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