Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sony Rolly In Motion

Sony Rolly In Motion

Experience a revolutionary new breakthrough
in music enjoyment from Sony®.

After years of development,
the Rolly™ Sound Entertainment Player takes
MP3s to a new dimension of fun
The Rolly™ Sound Entertainment
Player is truly multi-faceted.
It plays music.

It dances. It's an expression of your personality and how you hear your music.
At its core, the Rolly Sound Entertainment Player is a robotic device that plays back music
and can be programmed to dance to any of the music uploaded to it. In addition,
it is a fun device to discover.

Rather than looking at a screen to play music, there are
different motions that you use to change the song, raise the volume and make it dance. With its Bluetooth® capability3
you can play music wirelessly from other devices such as your mobile phone or PC.Music is played wireless
either from another paired Bluetooth device,
or from its 1GB of internal memory in MP3,
ATRAC and AAC (unprotected), as it carries out
the moves created by a Motion Editor software.

The sound production is particularly inventive,
as the circular ends to the Rolly
focus the music directly ahead
to give a stereo sound,
while the player vibrates
bass through the surface it is making contact

 Controlling the device is done by rotating one the wheels.
Selecting a specific function depends on whether music is playing or not, or if it is held in
a horizontal or vertical position

Battery Charging (Approx) : USB base power charging
Battery Type : Lithium Ion Battery 1560mAh
Power Handling Capacity : Only Music: About 5 hours; Music & Motion:
About 4 hours

Operating System Compatibility : Rolly Choreographer Ver. 1.0/ SSCP Ver4.3; Windows Vista Home
Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate; Windows XP Home Edition/Professional (Over SP2); Media Center
Edition 2004&2005 (Over SP2) (Not supported by 64 bit versions of the operating systems listed above.)

 Speaker Dimensions : 20mm (Diameter)

In Japan, there are several gadgets that can move to music
from Apple's iPod and a product called Miuro,
similar to the Rolly, also dances and wheels to
tunes from the iPod.

The Rolly can play MP3 and ATRAC
files but the device has no display,
though according to Associated Press,
the Rolly can be set as an alarm clock. According to reports, the Rolly can store more
than 600 songs but the capacity will go down if complex moves
are added to the Rolly.

Sony Rolly In Motion

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