Saturday, 21 July 2012

Air Purifier Robot-2011

New from Moneual this year at the Consumer Electronics Show is an update to its award winning, state-of-the-art robot air purifier.

The Rydis H1004 II is not just an air purifier or an R2D2 impersonator (though it looks a bit like one). It’s a safety system for the elderly or anyone requiring special care. It features an injury detection wristband that can detect a physical injury to the user, monitor their condition, and call for help.

The robot purifier, which was a CES 2011 Innovation Award Honoree, can also sync to your smartphone, allowing users to control the robot and monitor the purity of the air in their homes. It is being offered first in South Korea, and should arrive in the U.S. later in the year.
You thought your Roomba was the epitome of automated home maintenance? Its random wandering approach to cleaning the dirt off your floors is downright prehistoric compared to this killbot which actively hunts down and cleans the air in your room.

Was someone just secretly smoking in your bathroom? Thanks to on-board sensors Moneual's Rydis H800 bot will seek out where the impurities originated, and clean the air with a collection of HEPA and activated carbon filters. On a full charge it will stand guard against bad smells and asthma irritants for a full four and a half hours, but company reps weren't forthcoming on pricing or availability.
At least three companies showed up with robotic floor and vacuum cleaners to rival those of iRobot's Roomba. I also spotted two robotic air purifiers. The Moneual robot air (left) purifier had a vaguely RoboCop inspired look to it.

The Ecovacs A330 Intelligent air-purifier (center) uses 45 different sensors to detect the source of bad air. It sets to work when a new toxic source is detected so it can purify the area around your cat's litter box as soon as the box starts to stink, even if you're not home to tell it do so. You never need to walk into a smelly house again, at least theoretically. Ecovacs is a Chinese company so it has an advantage in reaching out to the world's largest consumer market of the next ten years
But my favorite bot on site was the TOSY SketRobo (right), which will take your picture and draw you a sketch of yourself (for release in September). I love this because it represents a real step forward in visual recognition capability for consumer robotics. Getting bots to make sense of what they see has long been one of the biggest challenges in the field and one of the main obstacles to more common use of robots. Most AI cars see with the aid of big SICK LMS-200 laser range finders.

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