Thursday, 12 July 2012

Amazing Robots

Hi friends you all have to tell me how many of you like robots and why? In my this blog you become aware about the best robots or amazing robots.

I really love to have a robot which can do my all works and day and night, I can write a blogs for my friends yeah for you who is reading my blog thanks a lot to read it.
Well come to the point human made robots for a comfort life if you are going to buy a robot first read my blog, Which can help you to buy a good one.

A Dog Robot(Sony Aibo)

A very lovely robot which behave like a real dog it can recognize his owner and can respond to command, I think its best for those who scare from dogs. lolz

A cut robot(Marvin)

I must say a robot must behave like human so we can have fun if you have hear about marvin, He can show and react like a human like, He can show depression,anxiety etc. A robot with human behavior.

Talk Active Robot

Well everyone know girls are to much talk active this lady robot is inspire from girls because Japen made it having female face, I think its suit those boy who haven't girl friends.

A Robot With Face Expression(Saya) 

This robot is very amazing it can talk in different languages and you can stretch her soft skin. It will work in future as teacher.

AR(maid robot)

AR assistant robot the best robot to play a role of maid without salary. Well it can mop  can clean the kitchen and laundry too but scientist say we are still 10 year away from mass producing these robots.

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