Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Flexible Screen Technology

Flexible Transparent Touchscreen

In now a days where world is try to move with speed of light where every thing become change in
each second and still people are waiting for changes. Every day I personally watch YouTube there are lots of concept base video which are so amazing, I become so excited because every concept has unique idea. Today I' m writing about a 3M flexible device. This concept show the features of future screen which is only 3M. 

Graphene, a sheet of carbon just one atom thick, has spectacular strength, flexibility, transparency, and electrical conductivity. Spurred on by its potential for application in new devices like touch screens and solar cells, researchers have been toying with ways to make large sheets of pure graphene, for example by shaving off atom-thin flakes and chemically dissolving chunks of graphite oxide. Yet in the thirty-some years since graphene's discovery, laboratory experiments have mainly yielded mere flecks of the stuff, and mass manufacture has seemed a long way away. 

As we all accept screen have sensor and will open when its owner touch it. This screen has
several option are as under:

2-Machine input
3-Traditional games
5-Amzing flexibility
6-INTEILIGENT bracelet

This new multi-touch technology is also going to start enabling new capabilities in large format displays. Unless you've got yourself a Surface table (not likely), above a certain size big touchscreens have to fall back on touch sensing technologies that can only allow for one or maybe two touch points. 3M's new design makes 60 point multi-touch possible in display sizes of 30 or 40 inches, and as we've seen, that makes for some pretty sweet potential applications.

Yeah this amazing concept show a bracelet in which you have beautiful design or your family members picture and several option to use. In future people wants so much compact flexible and beautiful devices.
Which make them look stylish and intelligent.I'm personally include those people who are waiting for that kind of gadgets.
So how many of people are waiting for this device or screen like this put your hand up.. lolz

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