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Gibson Robot Guitar

Gibson Robot Guitar

I'm going to introduce you, A guitar that have several technical and mechanical use on it tuning. it will robotic act to change tuning system. Now you would not going to waste your time in tuning guitar strings. Chris Adams Developed gibson robot guitar, its most notable feature is that it uses an on board computer to automatically tune itself. is is not the first guitar who will automatically tune itself, but it is regarded as the most modern, unique and un-invasive self-tuning model.


The Robot Guitar has the standard four
knobs for individual pickup volume and
tone controls; however, in place of the bridge pickup
tone knob, there is the Master Control Knob (MCK).

The main feature of this guitar is the tuning system. It tunes to Standard, dropped D, Double dropped D, open E, delta blues tuning (DGDGBD), DADGAD open D, and down 1/2 step, It will also tune to a reference pitch you select and check the intonation of each string. The system is very simple to use. It features the Standard 2 volume and 2 tone knobs that all LPs have, but the tone knob for the neck pup is a push/pull knob. It is the MCK (Master Control Knob). When you pull it out it activates the self-tuning features. I'm not going to go into what the different LED displays on the MCK mean, but but selecting the tuning you want and just lightly strumming the strings it will tune to the selected tuning in about 10 seconds. The feature is not worth it if you only plan to go from Standard to dropped D, but if you are changing the tuning of every string it is very helpful. Especially if you want to change tunings Live and not have to have extra guitars just for a different tuning on one song.

Users can choose from seven factory presets for tunings, six of which are editable

Each tuning is selected by highlighting a specific string letter on the MCK.

    E - E B E G# B E - Open E
    A - D A D G A D - D Modal
    D - D A D G B E - "Drop D"
    G - D G D G B D - Open G
    B - Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb - "'Standard' down one half step"
    e - D A D G B D - "Double Drop D"

Each tuning can be returned to "standard" tuning of A (440 Hz) by simply pulling up on the MCK knob, and strumming the strings lightly.

Out of the box, the guitar is calibrated to use a 0.10 gauge set of strings, and will tune up within a tolerance of one cent.
The calibration can be changed to heavier or lighter strings, and the tolerance can be changed as well. The greater tolerance the user is willing to bear, the faster the Robot Guitar will tune itself. On the fastest setting, Gibson claims that the guitar will tune up in about 15 seconds with a tolerance of 2.5 cents.[7] The onboard computer allows for each of the preset tunings to be overridden by user inputs, but the factory presets can be restored by resetting the computer.

According to company press releases, the system allows for 200 tunings before the battery has to be recharged. This is accomplished with a standard ¼” patch cable connected into a provided AC adaptor, and takes about 90 minutes for a full charge.

The system can be disabled and tuned just like a regular guitar. To do this, it requires the user to disengage the tuning button, making the adjustment manually, and re-engaging the system once the adjustment is complete.

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