Monday, 16 July 2012

Gorenje Washing Machine

Washing Machine

My this article is specially for ladies as world is moving so fast daily we have at least some news on latest  technology.
This article is about new Generation Machine. This machine present four steps. Ultra White is specially designed for sensitive white laundry, that needs special care and could not be washed as usual white cotton fabrics. For white cottons you should use cotton program with any temperature. For sensitive white laundry you should not use high temperatures. And yes, it gets them really white due special OptiDrum and special rhythm.

The feature of this machine are as under:

This machine is presented by Gorenje
Ergonomically opening from top
20' inclination for perfect control
Easy to use dispenser
Special programs + logical sorting + most used program
It has option fot normal care time care Eco care ALlergy care
The main feature in machine that its has opotion of stains like
Fruit stain,Cofee stain,Organic Stain
Unique Ultra white program
Opti Drum
3 mm deep soft Edge perforation
Wave shaped 3d ribs
Its has many more things like Total weight control.dynamic adjustment,Sensor IQ
Well this machine is really perfectly for now a days. So who wants buy it?

For furthers details, watch this video


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