Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kindle Dx-Amazon Reading Device

Kindle DX

Those who love to read will get amaze when they got to know about Kindle DX; Amazon 9.7 reading device.
This device is full of knowledge having stylish look, You can say that its prefect choice for those who
are really interested in reading. Most of people using apple ipad for reading regularly with it and surfing. Kindle Dx cheaper then ipad after its launch most of readers wants to buy this gadget.

With the subsequent arrival of the Apple iPad in April 2010, many tech pundits wrote off Amazon's similarly sized--and identically priced--Kindle DX as a nonviable product. But just a few months after Apple launched its much-hyped tablet, Amazon is making efforts to resuscitate the DX with a price cut to $379, a new graphite finish, and a screen that offers higher contrast and darker fonts. The device still has "free" integrated 3G wireless connectivity from AT&T, and aside from the new "high-contrast e-ink screen" doesn't add any additional hardware enhancements. 

You might consider the KDX an anachronism with the iThing is on its way in 60 or so days.  In fact when I heard the IPad had a starting price close to the KDX I cringed and secretly wished I had waited until the Ides of March.  After spending a few days with the KDX I have come to a conclusion about that secret wish.  Curious about what that conclusion is?  (Probably not, neither am I actually.)  Anyway, following is a quick bit of information on the KDX, with some comparisons with the Kindle 1 that I’ve used up till now and some things to think about when thinking about the iPad.

Kindle Dx Features:

1-Large display(9.7 inch)
2-Clear text
3-Rotate screen
4-No eye effect
5-E-link display
6-NO back light
7-Easy to read in sunlight
8-3.3 gb storage
9-Carry 3,500 books or documents
10-Long bettry life
11-Resize text according your comfort
12-Wireless technology
13-Listen text option

This amazing and unique device has shop from kindle option in it, Where you can shop ny kindle easily
having huge range of content you can ready many books, magazine, news papers, and many more. Its a personal and professional device you can read pdf also and you can also enjoy your blog any where. 
You can subscribe1,500 blogs in every morning your news paper always waiting for you. I think its a prefect choice for reader of today world. 

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