Friday, 20 July 2012

Latest Bluetooth Bracelet

Bluetooth headset is really common in these days, But if you wish to look unique as our website so
you may become interested when you read my this blog. Bluetooth is already a stylish device
but when style and beauty come together its called a prefect collection so without wasting
more time, I like to introduce new "BRACELET BLUETOOTH" this stylish bracelet is pretty good looking when you wear it.

This bracelet is consist of rubber which having a stylish LCD whenever you receive a call it is start vibrating and its up to you to receive or reject because it has a option for reject call. Its have prefect color combination you can wear it on any dress. But one thing, I should tell you its LCD can show you the caller number not name but hope for good may be this China company will look after in this matter soon.


1-Flexible bracelet
3-Long bettry
4-stylish looking

So I'm going to buy it because its just of 25.22$

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