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List of 10 best laptops

Top 10 laptops

I.m going to share you some useful knowledge about laptops. you have lots of option in laptops but what i suggest and built a top 10 laptops list you like, My every efforts,researches and experience is for just give you the best, I am going to share most reliable laptops in every part speed,quality and reliability.

The first thing you need to consider is what you need in the laptop. Are you looking for something to compete on the gaming grid? Then a discrete graphics card and big screen are necessary components in the laptop you choose. Are you on a limited budget? Then be on the lookout for a anything under $500 that offers at least a Core i3 CPU and 4GB of memory. If a business system is what you need, then security measures like a fingerprint reader and a TPM module are must-haves. For those who spend a lot of time on the road, then an ultrabook or an ultraportable will keep back and shoulder strain to a minimum. For those who need a system meant for watching movies, a Blu-ray player is a must-need feature.

The editors of test hundreds of systems each year to help you find the best laptop. There are a lot of laptops out there, from the large-screen desktop replacements to the lightweight ultraportables, and even netbooks, but all share common features. In this story, we help you narrow your choices by collecting the top 10 laptops on the market today.

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display


The newly redesigned MacBook Pro with Retina Display combines an amazing screen with just enough of the MacBook Air design to feel like a new animal, and to take its place as the best of the current MacBook breed.

Price: $2,089.99 - $2,199.00

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, Summer 2012)  

This year's MacBook Air opts for gradual improvements rather than anything revolutionary, but lowered prices continue to make it the go-to mainstream recommendation for any MacBook owner-to-be.

Price: $1,139.00 - $1,199.00

HP Folio 13

Best Windows ultrabook
The HP Folio 13 is the best of the bunch in terms of performance, price, and ergonomics, provided you can live with a less-than-razor-thin design. This laptop is targeted at small businesses but it's really for anyone who wants a reliable ultrabook that isn't a MacBook Air.

As Reviewed: $899.99

Similar Model Starting at: $699.99

 Samsung Series 7 Gamer

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer is huge, expensive, and unattractive, but it's also one of the best gaming laptops that we've seen this year. If you don't mind its beefy 17-inch form, you won’t be disappointed.

Price: $1,808.76 - $1,908.99

Dell Inspiron 14z (June 2012)

Dell has managed to give a very upscale feel to its mainstream Inspiron 14z, a 14-inch ultrabook that comfortably juggles price, design, and performance.

Price: $899.99 

Eurocom Leopard 2.0

Fueled by an AMD CrossfireX graphics solution and an Intel Extreme Edition processor, the Eurocom Leopard 2.0 puts up some of the highest laptop performance scores we've seen.

Price:  $3,606 direct

Toshiba Portege R835-P88

$799.99 at TigerDirect The Toshiba Portege R835-P88 shows that an ultraportable can still kick ultrabook butt.

Price: $849.99 

Alienware M18x

$2,249.99 at Amazon Marketplace Packed with over-the-top components and presented in a sharp-looking chassis complete with tricked-out lighting effects and a killer 18.4-inch display, the Alienware M18x laptop looks intimidating and has the performance chops that gamers crave. But it doesn't come cheap.

Price: $4,529 direct

HP Envy 17 (2012)

This year's HP Envy 17 is a fast, loaded media center laptop with the most stunning screen we've seen. Its vivid visuals complemented with awesome Beats Audio, thanks to a six-speakers-plus-subwoofer setup highlighted by a good old-fashioned volume dial.

Price: $1,484.99 direct

HP EliteBook 8560w

The HP EliteBook 8560w is the go-to workstation laptop when you need performance and power to spare. It offers quad-core
processing, ISV-certified graphics, and a laundry list of top-notch features.

Price: $1,579 direct

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