Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sennheiser Rs180-Wireless Head Phone

Wireless technology i think one of the best technology in now a world. Every one like these
think which can run with them that's why laptops are popular then desktop pc.

So today I'm going to tell you about  wireless  headphone the "Sennheiser RS180 Digital+Wireless ". I always write on prefect and stylish things, Which give some good impression on your faces. This headphone is full of features and style have shiny black color.


1-an on/off switch
2-Sleek Transmitter/charges base9can connect with TV.Blur ray etc
3-Volume control
4-Long stereo Rc input
5-Wide verity to connect with other devices
6-Open air design
7-Rechargeable battery up to 8 hours
8-Long Wireless range(up to 300 line sight to 100 indoor)
9-Stylish looking
10-Premium Audio
12-DDS Technology

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