Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sony QRIO-Robot Dance

I had make many blogs on robot, Because I love them. Today I'm introducing the world most advance
robot. This robot is full of entertainment because he can sing and do raping for you .This robot like a rock star who can make you happy and the way of dancing is full of attitude.

You will start laughing when this robot show his dancing style to you. This rebot is known as World's Most Advanced Robot(Sony Qrio).

SONY QRIO is a humanoid robot, equipped with the latest in advanced recognition, motional control communications, information technology, and artificial intelligence. Its programming allows it to protect itself should it lose balance, and should it fall, it checks front and back, left and right, before getting up without any assistance. It can distinguish individual faces and voices, and can learn and memorize new words. Sony explains that QRIO can also communicate with people based on internal judgments, and express feelings through movements, conversations, and the use of a lighting system.

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